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Would you like to make money online by posting ads? Owning your own ad agency is one of the best ways to make money online.

Adylist is the best platform to buy and sell used/secondhand products like mobiles, laptops, cars, furniture, electronic items, kitchenware, etc. and gives the opportunity to earn money online (Made In India).

Make Money Online

Imagine, having an online business that earns you money without any investment. Most businesses want to sell their product or want to advertise their business online. Your job is to find clients, set up their ads, and continue to get a commission on every ad posted.

All You Need To Do Is:

Become an agent on adylist and start earning a commission by posting ads online.

Agent in adylist is a user who will post premium ads on adylist and can earn a 10% commission(of premium ad price) on every premium ad posted. Anyone can open their own ad agency and can earn a commission. It’s completely free to join and easy to use.

Start by creating a list of businesses that need advertising and start posting their business or product ads on behalf of them and earn a commission.

Luckily for you, setting up your own ad agency is something you can do in your spare time.

To post the premium ads:

  1. Sign in with your username and password first.
  2. Click on the "POST PREMIUM AD" button given in the header.
  3. Choose the right category and sub-category for your product.
  4. Fill the required details of your product.
  5. Upload Pictures
  6. Fill correct seller information (Which means the user's mobile number, email, and name for whom you are posting an ad). The ad will display to you and the user for whom you posted an ad after approval.
  7. Click on the "Save" button and make payment with the Instamojo payment gateway.
  8. It will display a success message, "Congratulations! Your ad will be live soon" if payment was successful.


What is "My Agent Account"?

My Agent Account is your personal agent account where you can view and manage your Ads, update your profile and bank details, Modify / edit/delete / archived and publish your Ads, check your Payment details and get weekly post ads chart.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. The agent will receive a 10% commission on every premium ad posted.
  2. Enter correct bank details otherwise, the agent will not receive any commission.
  3. The amount will be transferred to the agent's bank account in 10 working days if the wallet balance is above 500 INR.
  4. The agent will only receive a commission for those ads which are active on Adylist and follows our Terms & Conditions and Community Guidelines.
  5. Become an agent at adylist and start earning a commission

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